Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 29/09/16

Today students did Taichi in the early morning, Period One. This is the different style Taichi from the one they learned before. It has more actions, which is good for self – defense. In Period 2 students followed Mr. Zeng, the art teacher to learn the traditional Chinese painting. They focused on the mountains, water, flowers and birds. Students were engaged in the painting and learned the differences between the Chinese and western painting. Everyone chose their own topic and did their painting. Someone couldn’t finish their work in the morning, but they made their effort in completing them in the afternoon. After painting, we did again the Chinese lesson and Math by ourselves. Most students have completed their homework as required.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 28/09/16

Students said good bye to Liria and Will in the morning, then they headed to Pudong Airport in Shanghai for the flight back to China. Students attended classes with their buddies all morning. They experienced Literature, economics and other classes. The students were actively involved in the activities in the classrooms. In the afternoon students had their math class with Dale, and then learned Chinese with Lijuan. They were also given some time to write their own journals and project work.


Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 27/09/16

img_1982This morning our students attended classes all morning with their homestay buddies. They were quite impressed with the classes that included Calculus, Literature, Physics and Economics. After the morning classes, formal attire was changed into by our students and how impressive did they look! They wore lovely dresses, suit jackets and impressive ties. And off to a lovely private dining room in an exclusive hotel to dine and farewell the departing teachers. An extra bit of fun at this luncheon was the surprise celebration for Ilannah’s 15th birthday with a lovely cake purchased by Dale. Lots of laughter, good eating and fun was enjoyed by all. A lovely end to the first three weeks and a nice smooth handover between the teachers.


Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 26/09/16

As happy as the students were to welcome Dale joining the group, it was a sad morning as our students farewelled their buddies at No 6 Art School to move onto their next homestay experience at Kunshan High school. Tears were shed, photos were taken and email addresses exchanged at this emotional, but inevitable parting. We then travelled to another school for the next four hours. This school was called Suzhou High School SIP (Souzhou Industrial Park) Campus and there our students had a very interesting morning interacting with a class in information sharing group work, followed by presentations to each other. They then had a lovely Art lesson where they joined a class and painted blossoms on paper or on fans. Our last stop was at Kunshan High School, where after they had a short tour of the school, the students were welcomed in a very formal Welcome Ceremony. They did us proud with their polite demeanour, great singing and positive smiles. Then off to the new homestay homes.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 24/09/16

This was a Family weekend with the Homestay buddies. Our students were vigilant in posting the many different experiences they were enjoying. From Cat Cafes, to Crab dinners, Amusement park visits to Karaoke singing, shopping expeditions and extended family get togethers, they really immersed into the culture of Kunshan and embraced local life as we had hoped they would.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 23/09/16

unadjustednonraw_thumb_3d0Today the school had organised for us to go to the Zhou Zhuang Village. Once again this was a beautiful and very historic village, full of canals, antique mansions, temples and on the edge of a large lake. We had an authentic Kunshan/Suzhou banquet for lunch and were able to wander around and enjoy the cultural offerings of the village. On our return the students were treated to a combined Hot Pot dinner with their homestay families.


Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 22/09/16

unadjustednonraw_thumb_16bToday the students started off with an Art lesson, focusing on Calligraphy. They produced some very pleasing pieces of work and were most responsive to the Chinese teacher’s lesson. At lunchtime they participated in a huge game of ‘Tug of War’ which was a lot of fun. After lunch we headed off to Suzhou Academy where they had a paper cutting lesson and really enjoyed being there. This is one of the most elitist and best schools in China, available only to students of the high academic abilities. A beautiful school with the most amazing museum of the school’s 1000 year old history showcased there. On the way home we stopped at the Lion Gove Park, which was an amazing man made cave filled scenic spot.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 21/09/16

unadjustednonraw_thumb_1e6 unadjustednonraw_thumb_1be unadjustednonraw_thumb_1e2A special visit was organised on this day. We went to an amazing Sports Academy High school, which only accepted the most capable and highly competent sports students, who boarded in there. Our students were buddied up and really enjoyed spending time in the buddies’ classrooms. They experienced Maths, Economics, Health, Sport, English and Chinese Language. After lunch they played an invigorating game of volleyball against a most professional team of young men, but really our students put up a great competition. The Principal of the school gave them a taster of Handball with another professional team and that was most entertaining to watch. Another good day.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 20/09/16

unadjustednonraw_thumb_1f6 unadjustednonraw_thumb_204Today the students were taught by a Chinese teacher. She was impressed with their Chinese speaking skills. Later on the students enjoyed their first experience of Fencing. They cut fine figures on the floor as they swished their way with swords and enthusiastic moves. (Of course protective clothing was the order of the day) Late a visit to Pinjiang road was an interesting visit. Quite a long, famous shopping street, reminiscent of Venice with its swirling canals.

Another enjoyable language lesson and off to the homestay family for the evening.


Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 19/09/16

unadjustednonraw_thumb_286 unadjustednonraw_thumb_24fGarden modelling was the first lesson for the day, followed by Taichi and lunch. An interesting morning. After lunch we went to the Humble Administrator’s Garden and couldn’t believe the beauty of this place. To top the day off, a surprise party for Raphi with a chocolate cake brought a smile to everyone’s faces. The cake was beautiful, the mango smoothies filling and Raphi was pleasantly surprised. On our return the students eagerly participated in a language lesson with Will, and then worked on their journals.