Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 09/10/16

This is our last day in Kunshan High. Students first made their own thanks cards for their homestays. Later they did more Chinese work. Dale taught some maths after lunch. Some previous host students came to our classroom to say good bye to our students, Some even given their gifts. Around 2:30 pm we went to the sports center for bawling they divided the group in to 2. Both groups did quite well, especially, the boys, however girls were learning fast as well.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 08/10/16

This is our first day back to school after the 7 days National Holiday. Due to the school exams, we spent the whole day in our own classroom. We did our own lessons on Chinese and maths. Lijuan marked everyone’s homework on Chinese story writing, journal writing. At lunch time we celebrated Rose’s 15th birthday in the classroom with their Chinese buddies. In the afternoon we went to the Gym to play ping pong, basketball and badmintons after we complete all the work.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 06/10/16

Today is Kunshan High’s 70th Birthday. Dale and I attended the celebration. Wilson, Sam were also there in the morning. Dale made a beautiful speech at the meeting. The students of Kunshan High performed professionally as well.

In the afternoon, half of our group went to the Kunque Opera House for the Chinese cultural activities. They tested Chinese tea, listened to Kunque, watched and practiced Yoga, and dressed up as well.

Rose was lucky to attend a wedding today. The rest of the group stayed with their host families.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 02/10/16

Students continue to have the holiday with their host families. Weather is still hot and humid. Some students went for shopping, going to the gardens, and for karaoke in the evening again. Our kids had a great day, and also a great  experience in the big crowd during the public holiday time.

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Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 01/10/16

img_2245 img_2242 img_2247All the students were quite happy with their new host families. Everyone had a great time on the 1st day of the holiday, which is the Chinese National Day. Most families took our kids to the restaurants and other fun areas to be involved in the fun activities. They did skating, played Chinese chess and even went to karaoke at night. Kids also managed to watch AFL grand fianal in China.



Young Leaders Trip to China 2016: 30/09/16

img_2237Today is only half a day at school. Kids seem a bit tired in the morning because of the heat and the early morning getting up for school, which is about 1 hour earlier than in China, so we didn’t do Taichi until Period 4. Students still showed their lots of interest in Taichi. In Period 2 & 3, they also followed their host partners to their classes. After lunch, the new host students came to meet our students. They met each other nicely and introduced themselves to each other. Later on they all went home excitedly for the seven-day holiday.

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